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Olotu IK is a father, husband and believer in a Nigeria that works for all. He is a co-founder of Imove logistics limited, a home and office moving company in Lagos. Olotu is the Kowa Party candidate running to representing Eti-osa 1 constituency at the Lagos House of Assembly, in the 2019 general elections in March. He has a bachelors degree in electrical engineering but has most of his experience in sales and product management from the FMCG and IT industry. I.K is passionate about children and he volunteers at the state public schools mentoring children and teens to aspire for more, engaging them in productive activities that keep them away from the negative societal vices that plague our communities.

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Issues that bother you

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A lot of young creative minds are unable to properly harness their talents as a result of unemployment. This is why we would be dedicated to creating employment opportunities and assist them in self empowerment for the future.

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Flooding is one of the biggest concerns of Etiosans. We will ensure the construction of drainage channels to enable free flow of water. A waste management system will also be put in place to put a stop refuse from clogging the already existing drainage channels.

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Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion can be very frustrating. That is why we will be dedicated to constructing wider roads to accommodate more vehicles. We will also ensure that more traffic wardens are always on hand to direct and ease the flow of traffic.

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Some major challenges affecting housing in Etiosa are the secured land for development and the problem of land grabbers who acquire property just to extort persons in need of real estate property. Appropriate action will be taken to stop this.




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Things I Would Do

Olotu is passionate about children and he volunteers his time at Public Schools in his locality mentoring kids and teenagers and helping them to discover their purpose. He also counsel kids who indulge in negative societal vices (alcohol and drug abuse, cultism, trauncy) that plague our communities. He also voluteers to reach low income women in his locality.

I need your support, including that of your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours who live in Eti-osa to successfully run my campaign. You can make the difference, come March 2, 2019 when you elect me to adequately represent YOU. Now you have the opportunity to make a difference one candidate at a time and to hold me accountable on all my policy positions

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